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Type ArtistTitle Level
Steely Dan Steely Dan-Josie-style Beat Beginners Level
Bill Withers Bill Withers - James Gadson style Beat Easy Level
Trad. Classic Disco - Style Easy Level
Trad. Jazzy Beat Easy Level
Beatles Ringo Starr - Come Together-Style Easy Level
Trad. Montuno-style Drum Beat Easy Level
Austin Powers style Bossa Nova Groove Easy Level
Classic Heavy Metal Beat Easy Level
Rumba Cha-Cha Groove Easy Level
Michael Jackson The Way You Make me Feel-style Beat Easy Level
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin-style Drum Beat Easy Level
Red Hot Chili Peppers Red Hot Chilli Peppers Funk Rock Style Beat Intermediate Level
Trad. BeckBeat Afro Cuban Funk-style Beat Intermediate Level
Samba Beat Intermediate Level
Shuffle Groove Drum Beat Intermediate Level
Songo style Drum Beat Intermediate Level
Swinging Boogalo Beat Intermediate Level
Funky Latin Varition Intermediate Level
Half Time Shuffle Feel Drum Beat Intermediate Level
One Drop Reggae Feel Intermediate Level

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