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Type ArtistTitle
Easy-going Rock in A major 120 bpm Easy Level
Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran Pop-Rock-Style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Mumford and Sons Mumford and Sons Indie-Folk-Rock style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Delta Blues in A
Beginners Level
Acid Jazz-style Mid-Tempo Funk Jam (Blues scale) Easy Level
Dizzy Gillespie Night in Tunesia-style Jam Track Intermediate Level
Bubblegum Pop Bb Major 140bpm Easy Level
Ed Sheeran Galway Girl Easy Level
Stride Piano Intermediate Level
Trad. Irish Traditional-style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Chic Le Freak Magnifique - 70s disco style jam track Easy Level
Trad. Tango Milonga-style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Jazz Funk Fusion Playalong Jam Track Intermediate Level
Happy Mondays Madchester, Happy Mondays-style Funky Blues Beginners Level
Vampire Mystery Easy Level
Trad. Cuban Mambo 2-3 son Major Key Playalong Jam Track Intermediate Level
Chillout in E minor Beginners Level
Taylor Swift Old Taylor-Swift Style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Miles Davis Milestones-style Easy Level
Trad. Irish Jig-style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level

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