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Trad. The Boar's Head Carol Oct 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Ose Shalom Oct 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Kagome Kagome Oct 2023 Beginners Level
Schubert March Militaire No.1 Oct 2023 Intermediate Level
Lorca Las Morillas de Jaen Oct 2023 Intermediate Level
Rachmaninoff Symphony No.2, Third Movement (Main Theme) Oct 2023 Intermediate Level
Trad. Churippu (Tulips) チューリップ Oct 2023 Beginners Level
Trad. Ame Ame - あめふり Oct 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Hotaru Koi ほたるこい (Firefly) Oct 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Chugoku Chiho no Komori-uta (Chugoku Region Lullaby) Oct 2023 Easy Level
Trad. Songaji Oct 2023 Easy Level
Ravel La valse (Main Theme) Oct 2023 Advanced Level
Strauss II Wiener Blut (Viennese Blood), Waltz Op.354 Oct 2023 Intermediate Level
Lovie Austin Down hearted Blues Oct 2023 Easy Level
Benny Davis Baby Face Oct 2023 Easy Level
Ray Henderson Bye Bye Blackbird Sep 2023 Easy Level
Louis Silvers April Showers Sep 2023 Easy Level
Cecil Mack Charleston Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Trad. La Partida (Venezuela Waltz) Sep 2023 Intermediate Level
Eddie Green A Good Man is Hard to Find Sep 2023 Easy Level

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