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Type ArtistTitle
David Bruce The Sicilian Don Easy Level
Schumann Trio From the String Quartet, Op 41, No. 3 Easy Level
Trad. Liberty Intermediate Level
David Bruce Rowing Home Easy Level
Trad. Flop-Eared Mule Intermediate Level
Trad. Woodchoppers Reel Intermediate Level
Kullak Grandmother Tells a Ghost-Story (Grossmutter erzahlt eine schauerliche Geschichte.) Op. 81. No. 3 Intermediate Level
Delibes Pizzicati from the ballet Sylvia Intermediate Level
Handel Thine be the glory (Maccabaeus) Easy Level
Tchaikovsky Waltz from Sleeping Beauty
Easy Level
anon My Lady Carey's Dompe Intermediate Level
Trad. Ar Hyd y Nos -All through the Night (Traditional Welsh) Easy Level
Schumann The Fortune Teller Op. 31, No. 2. Easy Level
Trad. Bird's Galopade (S. Knaebel) Advanced Level
Drumgoole Four Short Seasons Intermediate Level
Sanderson Hail to the Chief Easy Level
de Lavaulx The Squirrel's March Intermediate Level
Trad. Swallowtail Intermediate Level
Wesley Oh Thou Who Camest From Above (Hereford) Easy Level
Trad. Zitter Waltz Intermediate Level

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