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Trad. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen Easy Level
Trad. C.C.Rider Blues (aka See See Rider) Easy Level
Trad. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrica (South African Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. House of the Rising Sun Easy Level
Trad. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho Easy Level
Waldteufel Skaters Waltz Easy Level
Carulli Allegretto Op.120, No.5 Easy Level
Iradier La Paloma Tango Easy Level
Sanderson Hail to the Chief Easy Level
Joseph Brackett Simple Gifts Easy Level
Macdowell To a Wild Rose Easy Level
Sullivan I Have a Song to Sing (from Yeoman of the Guard) Easy Level
Wesley Oh Thou Who Camest From Above (Hereford) Easy Level
Machaut Douce Dame Jolie Easy Level
Kuffner 60 Lessons for 2 Guitars, Op.168, No. 49 Easy Level
de Lavaulx Scarborough Fair Easy Level
Trad. La Cucaracha (Mexico) Beginners Level
Trad. Tarantella Napoletana (Traditional Italian) Beginners Level
David Bruce Agent in Egypt Beginners Level
Trad. Alabama Beginners Level

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