Printing Music

Firstly, ensure you print our files using the printer icon just above the music. If you try printing using the browser print menu you will print the entire page and possibly not the music! By clicking our print button this should open just the music in a new window, and a print dialogue. In some browsers the print dialogue may not open, in which case you can now use the browser print menu to print off the music.

If you are a subscriber the same print button will open up a higher quality PDF file and the print dialogue. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat reader (installed by default on many machines). Acrobat PDF files are an industry standard for high quality printable documents from the web. The Reader is a free browser plug-in and is available from Adobe.

Some of our scores are public domain and in such cases, the PDF version will be available to non subscribers as well.

Audio playback

Playback on our files has now moved over to mp3. The playback uses html5 audio capabilities, which means you will need a browser that supports mp3/html5 playback: Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 21+, Chrome, and Safari. This means audio should now work on mobile and tablet devices, including iPad and iPhone.

If you have an earlier version - e.g. Internet Explorer 8 or below, you will need to upgrade to use the audio playback.

Midi files for most pieces are still available via the MIDI tab on the score page.

Transposition & Parts Requests

Subscribers can request new parts, transpositions and even new versions (for different instruments) of many of the pieces on the site. This is not available for all pieces - in some cases the piece we host is a public domain score and we do not have the original copy to edit or adapt. In other cases we only offer the chord progression or riff lesson and so cannot offer a full score to transpose or make parts from. We also don't offer entire piece transpositions of our 'flexible arrangements' as it would be very complex and confusing to layout the individual parts options for all transpositions. In all other cases we will do our best to fulfill your request. Most parts and transposition requests will be made within 48 hours, but due to time constraints it is not always possible to fulfill every request, particularly concerning new versions/arrangements of pieces which can be very time consuming. If you put in a request and have not heard anything do feel free to contact us again to check the situation.

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