Add your piece

You can now add your own scores to by creating a free account and going to the My Music section.

Any scores you wish to upload should be one of the following:

An Original Composition.
An original piece of music you have written. You should be the sole copyright owner of this piece.

A New Arrangement of out-of-copyright work.
You have made a new arrangement of a work that was written before 1923.

A New edition of out-of-copyright work.
You have created a new edition of a work that was written before 1923.

A scanned score of an out-of-copyright work.
A scanned work must have been composed before 1923 and the edition must also be from before 1923. So for example, a work by Beethoven from an edition published in 1904 is fine, but not from an edition published in 1948.
Please note, you may not upload scanned scores that you find on other websites unless permission is explicitly granted. The act of scanning creates a new copyright work and many of the scanned files found on other websites are therefore in-copyright.

File Types

We allow users to upload files in the following formats:

  • Gif (multiple pages if necessary)
  • Sibelius Scorch
  • PDF
  • Midi
  • MP3

Submission Process

By uploading files here you grant the permission to host these files and allow others to download them free of charge. You do however retain any copyright for the files uploaded, and users of are not given the right to distribute or sell the files other than to download for personal use.

After submission each piece uploaded goes into our submissions queue for approval (usually within 24 hours). We will only approve scores that adhere to copyright-law and other guidelines. We reserve absolutely the right to withhold approval without explanation. Unapproved scores will not appear on the site.

Priority will be given to submissions that include an audio version of the score, either in mp3 or midi format.

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