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Registration with 8notes.com allows you to post to our forums, create a personal profile and keep track of the pieces you have browsed. You can edit your notification settings from within your account. We will not pass your details on to anyone else and will only send you a notification if you receive a message on our 8notes messaging system. If you wish us to remove your details from our system please email from the email address concerned. It is not necessary to register to browse or print any of our free content.

Subscription Service

The subscription service on 8notes.com is available on payment of the current rate (shown on the subscription sign up page) via PayPal. The subscription is automatically set up to renew annually. You may cancel your subscription at any time during the year (from within your PayPal account) without forfeiting the remainder of the year. There is also an option of making a one-time non-renewing subscription here. If you are a school or institution and would like to create an account which anyone in your institution can access please see our Schools Subscription page.

Subscription Refunds

We operate a very generous no quibbles refund policy with no time limit, meaning you may change your mind and request a refund at any time during your membership. The refund policy also extends to a subscription which has automatically renewed, but which is no longer required. If you would like to request a refund, please contact

What Subscription Does Include

Subscribers to 8notes.com have unrestricted access to all our sheet music files, in particular to all high-quality PDF files, and to all the Members Only sheet music files.

What Subscription Does Not Include

The subscription to 8notes.com does not cover the two following areas:
  • Access to any in-copyright popular music, in particular, full versions of the popular music riffs.
  • Where an in-copyright piece is not available free of charge, we may show links to sheetmusicplus.com and musicnotes.com. The subscription does not cover access to any music on those sites.
In either case, if a member has not realised or understood the nature of the subscription service, they may request a refund at any time, as outlined above.

8notes.com aims to be in full compliance with international copyright law. All music published on 8notes.com is one of the following:
  • New editions and arrangements of work by composers whose works are no longer in copyright. The copyright for these editions and arrangements, including all music score files, all mp3 and midi files is owned by Red Balloon Technology Ltd, the owners of 8notes.com. Red Balloon Technology Ltd retains intellectual copyright over all such material on this site (in terms of arrangement, interpretation, layout, technical organisation and other similiar activities). This material may not be redistributed, republished or resold without the express permission of 8notes.com by any commercial, profit or non profit organisation, company or individual.
  • Work Published with the permission of the composer/arranger. As above, these pieces are in-copyright (either belonging to Red Balloon Technology Ltd or the original author) and you do not have permission to redistribute, republish or resell.
  • Public domain music. This is music which is out of copyright not just in terms of it's composer but also in terms of editors and production. Any work marked public domain you are free to copy, redistribute as you see fit. In some cases there may be a creative commons licence, in which case. you must retain this license in the same form as it appears on our site.
  • A riff lesson or chord chart which is intended to show general musical styles and techniques used in particular songs. We do not provide extracts of copyright work without permission, and do not intend to breach copyright on such works. If you believe one of our riff lessons or chord charts breaches an existing copyright, please contact us at . As with our editions and arrangements of non-copyright compositions, Red Balloon Technology Ltd retains all intellectual copyright over the riff lessons, in terms of both the layout and arrangemnent of the lessons, as well as any original composition involved in them.

Teachers & Students

If you are a teacher we encourage you to join our Schools Subscription which will give every student in your institution unlimited access to all our resources. If you have an individual subscription, you are allowed to print out pieces for your students, you may only share them online if it is in a private session like a google classroom. You may not, however, share them anywhere that will be publicly visible. This is for obvious reasons - 8notes.com survives by people visiting us to view the music we've created and arranged. If you post those pieces elsewhere without our permission you will be harming our business, so please don't do it! But if it's a private online session, that is not visible outside your class, then you may share files that way.

Performance , Recording

We often get questions from schools or competitions asking if using sheet music from 8notes.com is valid in terms of copyright. The answer is yes, as described above, all the music on 8notes.com is legitimate in terms of copyright law. We are either the copyright holders (or have permission from the copyright holders), or the works are public domain, so you can confirm to whoever wishes to know, that your music was obtained legitimately. Please perform the music wherever you want to, and enjoy it!

In the case of choirs or larger ensembles, we also give permission for you to print out parts for each member of your group.

We also positively encourage uploading recordings of performances of our pieces either to youtube or elsewhere. Please provide a link to the score you used in the information to your recording wherever possible.

Contact Us

If you are uncertain or would like to discuss any of these issues please contact us directly at

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