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Type ArtistTitle Level
Scott Joplin Paragon Rag Advanced Level
Scott Joplin The Crush Collision March Advanced Level
Scott Joplin March Majestic - March and Two-Step Advanced Level
Joplin Binks' Waltz Intermediate Level
Joplin Frolic of the Bears from Treemonisha Intermediate Level
Joplin The Augustan Club Waltzes Intermediate Level
Scott Joplin Leola (Two-step) Advanced Level
Joplin No.1 Overture from Treemonisha Advanced Level
Joplin Prelude to Act 3 from Treemonisha Advanced Level

About Scott Joplin

African-American composer and pianist. He composer many of the most popular ragtime classics, such as The Entertainer, and the Maple Leaf Rag. Read More

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