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Type ArtistTitle
Bach Watchet Auf (Sleepers Awake) Advanced Level
Trad. Cincinatti Hornpipe Easy Level
Trad. Sweet is the Lass that Dwells among the Heather Easy Level
Trad. Weaver's Gallopede Easy Level
Trad. Abbot's Hornpipe Intermediate Level
Trad. Unser Toirele Intermediate Level
Trad. Zimmermo (Bavarian zwiefacher) Easy Level
Trad. War Hent Trabrin (Polka) Intermediate Level
Trad. Le 24 June Intermediate Level
Trad. Wintergrun (Bavarian zwiefacher) Easy Level
Trad. Diogenes Surly and Proud Intermediate Level
Trad. Grandmammy Look At Uncle Sam Intermediate Level
Massenet Meditation from Thais Advanced Level
Trad. Suseri (Bavarian Zwiefacher) Easy Level
Trad. Sinner Man Easy Level
Trad. Mrs. Willis Hornpipe
Intermediate Level
Trad. Easter Thursday
Easy Level
Dvorak Songs My Mother Taught Me (Als die alte Mutter) from Gypsy songs Intermediate Level
Trad. Home on the Range Intermediate Level

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