AJ Churchill : Saudades (longing) - for violin and piano

AJ Churchill : Saudades (longing) - for violin and piano

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Saudades (longing) - for violin and piano
AJ Churchill
for Violin 

Friday, December 16, 2011
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A short moving piece for violin and piano about longing.

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Beautiful piece! The drifting and modulating melody that you use is haunting and seems nostalgic, and concealed beneath the major chords is a certain sense of melancholy that adds to the beauty of the piece. I was surprised by the smoothness of your modulations to non-closely related keys, and I think the dramatic tuplets beforehand played by the violin helped this. The tempo and dynamics fluctuation is very nice. My only criticism is that the pizz's seem out of place; after the beautiful legato theme, I think a suitable transition would make the lightness (and erratic-ness) seem less random. Also, after so many fragmented 9th and 7th chords, your unison ending seems a bit simplistic.

Well done!

9 years ago


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