Gloria Solis Deo : Los campanilleros

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Los campanilleros
Gloria Solis Deo
for Guitar and Vocal 

Saturday, December 24, 2011
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A beautiful andalusian carol In the villages of Andalucia (a region in spain) The bellringers wake me up With their bells in the early morning And with their guitars they make me cry I begin to sing And when they hear me all the birds in the trees fly away in the night of christmas eve under the stars and in the early morning the priests with their bells adore the child that has born and with devotion they go playing zambombas (drum-like folk instrument) and tambourines singing the verses of Godís son on the doorstep of a rich haggler Jezus arrived, begging alms And instead of giving him an alm He set his dogs on But as God wanted, Ö The dogs dropped dead instantly And the rich haggler turned poor You shouldíve seen how the king of heavens Entered Jerusalem He didnít want cars nor carriages Just a little donkey that was rented He wanted to show That the devine gates to heaven Are only opened for humbleness

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