Mehdi Hosseini : String Quartet №.2

Mehdi Hosseini : String Quartet №.2

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String Quartet №.2
Mehdi Hosseini
for String Quartet 

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
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This work of the Iranian composer Mehdi Hosseini combines a number of folk tunes Tipumey (in the maqam Gahgeriyu or Gahgiri), Huri-Huri, Cheshmeh-ye Kuhrang, Chub bazi, Saharnaz, Pishnavazi, Lachakriyali. Each is, in essence, a Maqam and serves as a musical metaphor in the rich cultural tradition of the Bakhtiari people. Each also acts as a semantic reference that speaks of the multi-millennial history of one of Persia's most ancient peoples. In 2007, while at a festival of the Summer Academy in Austria, M. Hosseini transcribed all of the ancient themes listed above for use in a modern musical composition. More about: Compozitor Publishing House. Saint Petersburg.

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