Ludwig Van Beethoven : Fur Elise

Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven
for Piano 
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Me playing at my home on my piano. ^_^ I like this song played a little more moderately, but you said you wanted fast...


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30 months ago

TOOO FAST! i liked admin better....
6 years ago

TOOO LOUD! i liked admin better....
6 years ago

that was really cool!!!
9 years ago

How Long You Been Playing
I'm A beginger And Some friends told me To come To Dis Site So yeah Really Awesome!!!!!!
9 years ago

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have a note wrong! In the third bar the right hand goes - C E A B. I think you are playing - C E B A. Maybe I'm wrong, but read the music as you play and check anyway.
10 years ago

You play nice and are very talented ;0
10 years ago

Well i like it better slow because u get to hear the meaning of the song, me i like to play that song like a type of jazz i dont know why, it just sounds cool.
10 years ago

i think i like it played much slower, but all in all, its still really good. when i hear fur elise, i usually try to picture something slow and calm and peaceful
11 years ago

It was nice. The notes were played correctly, but I think it lacked feeling. It wasn't that it was fast, either, I think a few dynamic and tempo moderations would have added a bit. It was still great, don't get me wrong. It was correct, it was accurate, but it lacked expression. Even with the right notes it sounded a bit flat (not pitch wise) and left a bit to be desired.

Yet again good job!
11 years ago


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