Chidester : 11 Giant Steps for Mankind

Chidester : 11 Giant Steps for Mankind

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11 Giant Steps for Mankind
for Trumpet Duet 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
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Here is your challenge! This duet was written this morning between 2:00 am and 5:20 am. When I canít go to sleep, I enjoy creating and solving puzzles. This is one of my puzzles written for you to solve. Obviously, this is a tone row piece which uses the notes of the chromatic scale in a predetermined order for the purpose of obscuring any tonality or preset melodic expectation. As with most of my puzzles, the more complex I can get them, the more enjoyment I get out of them ďand now for your mission, if you choose to accept itĒ. 1. The duet is free and can be downloaded from below. 2. The title of the composition has several meanings (text taken from other sources) and it is your job to establish as many as you can and send your ideas to this post as a comment. 3. Your prize will be a free chart of my choosing. When sending your observations, please indicate what style and instrumentation you would like.

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