Grigor Iliev : A Child's Wish

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A Child's Wish
Grigor Iliev
for Piano 

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
 99 votes,   Average: 4.78   Plays: 33487

A modern classical piece

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That is a very beautiful piece! Nice work.
15 years ago

When hearing this, the picture that I visualize is of a little boy walking down the street walking in hand with his mother and daydreaming of many different things that he wants or would wish to happen. It's so beautiful and relaxing, I like it very much. I hope you continue to write more music. =)
15 years ago

It's hautingly beautiful.
I can imagine a child wishing for something.
16 years ago

This is absolutely(sp) beautiful! I love it.
16 years ago

This is a great piece, one of my favorites on the site. You have a real talent and you shouldn't stop composing.
17 years ago

I think this piece is beautiful as well. I listened to it several times and really like it. Well done! I can't decide which i like more; winter story or a child's wish... too difficult!!! But i'm learning both and i really love them. I'm struggling a little with winter story at the moment, mainly in the rubato section, but i'll get my teacher to help with that hopefully . Again, well done on a beautiful piece! Lovely!
17 years ago

I am learning this piece and it is so beautiful, i hope to learn it by christmas because it sounds like a christmas song
18 years ago

This piece is my most favorite piece in the whole 8notes website! It's so beautiful that when I come to the level, I WILL LEARN THIS PIECE!!!!! I love it! It's beautiful and it does sound like a child wishing for somthing!
18 years ago


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