Jonas Berglund : Red Sky Flute

Red Sky Flute by Jonas Berglund
for Flute 
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Just a little score fore piano and flute.


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Beautiful piece.
7 years ago

Nice melody.
7 years ago

....WOW.... That was great....I mean , sorrowful, but great. Definitely one of my favorites.
8 years ago

the flute was a little strong, but it still sounded good.
9 years ago

wow that sounds realy beautiful, i realy like it, its i realy sad song
10 years ago

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One word to say, and that is "super!"

I really like your skills with the flute and this piece shines...
10 years ago

This piece is actually a "lucky" improvisation. But since it has gotten so loved, I will try to get it on sheet also.
(Yes the flute got a bit strong.)

10 years ago

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

10 years ago

That is amazing.It sounds wierd, but that actually made me cry.It's such a beautifully sorrowful piece that you can imagine it bieng played as a lament.
10 years ago

I love this song so much! It is amazing some peoples skills in this! As the other person said... If there is a way to get this sheet music I would love it..all copyrighted of course to the rightful owner. Once agian amazing!
10 years ago

this is such a very good piece. but i think that the flute came just a little strong. is there a way to get this piece??? if yes, can someone please please please tell me how!!

--thanks <3
10 years ago

I really love this piece. It's a piece that I can picture a story instantly, which this one made me think of a aftermath of a war. I know, it may sound weird....>> Lol. But I think the flute came on a little too strong. I don't know, that is what I think. x3
10 years ago

I thought your piece was nice
10 years ago

i just want to say hi and how's ur playing with ur flute...
10 years ago


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