Humicroav : A Brief History of Hominid Evolution, 2nd movement

A Brief History of Hominid Evolution, 2nd movement by Humicroav
for Piano 
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Key: Atonal Meter: Arhythmic Instrumentation: piano Time: 1 minute 55 seconds This piece is the 3rd in 4 musical compositions I wrote under trance-like states of illegal inebriation. Foreign chemicals used in the process include 315 psychoactive chemicals which included tetrahydrocannabinol metabolized into cannabidiol and cannabinol. If you would like to listen to the entire piece, it is available at The first movement is k1 the second is k2 and the third is k3. The other file currently there is a guitar piece written on acid.


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That was AWESOME!

Do you have sheet music of this? I would like to play it with my community band. Maybe if you don't mind I can transcribe it as a clarinet concerto for band.

Let me know.

10 years ago

 Snorkel 1:50 when you fell off the piano bench? Just kidding.

It wasn't...bad, for being in a completely alternate state of existance. It reminds me of acid trip music or marijuana music. Even if you've never done either, as you listen to the music you get a feeling that the drug is supposed to give you because the music written while on those drugs directly effects the final product of the music. If that's true for this piece then you should probably experiment with different drugs. I didn't feel comfortably numb, I didn't see a yellow submarine, I just saw you with your eyes half-closed tapping some keys as you swayed on the brink of unconsciousness, right before your eyes rolled back into your skull.

That said it's still a very...interesting approach that may make you famous one day I guess. If you like it don't take what I said to heart, just do what you do.
10 years ago

Thats...uuuuuuuuuhhh...calm and cool...i like it... really nice!!!
10 years ago


I dont understand why, my computer won't let me here it! I guess because I don't use non script drugs. {:}}
10 years ago

Not "musical" enough for me if you know what I mean. Very repetitive of a melody that I don't care for...not bad just not one I particularly like.
10 years ago

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