B. Maschino : Lickety Split

B. Maschino : Lickety Split

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Lickety Split
B. Maschino
for Drums 

Tuesday, February 27, 2007
 4 votes,   Average: 2   Plays: 5222

Firstly, I apologize for the excessively poor shape that this copy is in. But on a better note, this was the first thing I actually wrote, and had to write for an audition last year. :D

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whoa whoa whoa

I don't know who bleeped me, but I did NOT use any expletives in the previous comment. Sorry for any misconceptions this may have caused.

On a more constructive note, you should try employing more rudiments in your audition pieces. Rudiments can be synthesized in many ways to make many different types of impressive beats or rhythms.
9 years ago

I'm not sure who the !****! is that gave you a "1" for your first vote... It's no college piece but it is definitely deserving of much more than a "1."

I like how you used specific themes that you touched on with various rhythms. It was simple, however not excruciatingly so. It carries a satisfactory beat and can be enjoyed, and it grows exceedingly complex, as every audition piece should, but it lacks variety and theoretical complexity.
9 years ago

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