Marcos Oliva : Europa, The Theme for

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Europa, The Theme for
Marcos Oliva
for Piano 

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
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The Greek Mythology says that Zeus all powerful of the Olimpo taken of passion by a Nymph of rare beauty in a Bull transformed itself for conquer her love. This song is for her, EUROPA. Theme for Europa, composition and piano by Marcos Oliva.

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This is a really great piece!
15 years ago

srry but if you could, send it to my account

17 years ago

where's the sheet music for the mp3 because it does not follow the PDF~ PLEASE
17 years ago

About Europa,

Hello Katie, I thank you,

I wrote this piece in the lydian mode trying produce that relaxing effect.
17 years ago

I love this piece. Very relaxing, soothing. Can't get enough of it.
17 years ago

I've listened to this song so much, and played it so much, but it's a piece I can't forget.
17 years ago

I love this song. After hearing the mp3 I became obsessed and commited my time to learning this piece (only about an hour getting it up to speed). I love the ending, even though it's repetitive, the changes are great...
17 years ago

I like it. It's very good!
17 years ago


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