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My recorded Audition for Regional Orchestra this year. Really cool song by the way! Image- by Bozza If you haven't played this piece yet, you should! it's a good one.


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Wow! you are truly gifted.
6 years ago

The sound of your flute is so amazing. In a couple of years you could be in ANY college you want!
9 years ago

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I see it says 4.68 (as of this posting), who in their right minds could even think this is not a 5 star song all the way? 6 stars even!!!!
9 years ago

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This is how you play the flute! Nice!!!
9 years ago

thats and amazing song, i hope you got it with that, they'd be mad not to let you in
9 years ago

all i can say is they are absolutely out of their minds crazy if you didn't get in.
9 years ago

I'm thinking about playing Image for my College entrance audition. any advice?
9 years ago

There is a little bit of "Improvisation" from one of his Alto Sax solos in there...Bozza writes some crazy stuff! Very fun to play though!
9 years ago

kool song =}
it gives off a sort of effect that makes me feel like im in a time long ago.

10 years ago

10 years ago

that was wonderful! beautiful expression. and I really like the piece itself.
10 years ago


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