Philip Howie : Melody and Silence (Clarinet and Piano)

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Melody and Silence (Clarinet and Piano)
Philip Howie
for Clarinet 

Sunday, July 8, 2007
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An arrangement of my piece 'Melody and Silence' for clarinet and piano, as requested by SailorV. This is a thoughtful, reflective piece, inspired in part by celtic melodies, particularly the compositions of the flautist Simeon Wood. Note that the Sibelius playback doesn't do justice to the ornaments in the clarinet part. This piece is dedicated to Harriet Johnston, a close friend and fellow flautist.

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The piece is very beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to it. Your use of phrasing and colour was brought out well by the instruments you chose. Excellent job!
8 years ago

I love this SOOO much!!! it is one of my new favorite songs
10 years ago

this is beautitful! i play clarinet and i have to say this is purely magical. wow. good job! (:
11 years ago

Love It !!!

11 years ago

This was absoloutely beautiful and filled with such emotion. Thank you for sharing with everyone and I hope you keep up the good work.
12 years ago

 Sabrinna nice
12 years ago

I really love, it although the beginning and ending are very repetitive. I suggest just starting at bar 25, to start. If you could make a recording of this that would be wonderful, and I really enjoy playing this piece.
13 years ago

So great! I loved it!
13 years ago



14 years ago


14 years ago

Great piece, ur really good :D

14 years ago

omg!!!4 words.....i luv dis piece!!!!

ps:keep doing a wonderful job.
14 years ago

I love this piece! It's simple yet dramatic. Love!!!
14 years ago

This is such a uniquely beautiful piece. It gives off a strong feeling of bittersweetness.
14 years ago

I prefer the flute personally. But you have a great gift, Howie. I'm so proud of you!
14 years ago

It is such a beautiful peice. I think i sounds better on the clarinet than the flute. I know i already said this to you but it is so true i must say it again: you are a great composer and u make such beatiful songs.
14 years ago

14 years ago


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