oboedude888 : Suicide

Suicide by oboedude888
for Oboe 
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Yet ANOTHER piece from me. I'll give you some of the lyrics. Young boy, he was only fourteen, Said that life was boring, Said that death was calling. Young boy, would never see his birthday, Said that life was tough, And he'd had enough. Young boy, he really liked this girl, who Went out with his friend, The torture never ended. (Chorus) Suicide, there must be A better way to end your life, Then with a knife, Or with some pills That were never meant to kill,


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This is a great piece.
Can you email the Oboe piece to me at dragonforcerule@yahoo.com ? Thank you very much :D
6 years ago

plz give me the lyrics i joined so i could ask u for them i luv the song so much send the lyrics 2 emmachar9@gmail.com
6 years ago

can you please send me a copy???
6 years ago

Hi, this piece is awesome came you send me the oboe part to xxmango_icecreamxx@hotmail.com

7 years ago

Wooow... It is realy lovely and amazing. Please, can you send me a copy of this?? My e-mail is xnikinax@seznam.cz Thanks.
7 years ago

could you maybe send me sheet music fer this please its amazing
7 years ago

this is an amazing piece... can you please send me the oboe and piano part to glhsmith@iinet.net.au?
i've figured out the first part already.. this piece is amazing.. and the lyrics are really sad..
well done.
7 years ago

i love this song can u send me te oboe part plz ive listened 2 it adleast 20 times this song is amazing(:
7 years ago

Can You send me the sheet music!? Email:Musicmanyc@yahoo.com Thx in advance
7 years ago

Wow those are harsh and sad lyrics
7 years ago

sorry, didnt give my email
its mpseki@live.com.au
7 years ago

hey hey
can u please send me the oboe part for this song
would be wicked if you could
7 years ago

I liked the second half a lot better than the first half. It's slightly repeatitive. But the oboe is okay.
9 years ago

I know, but it does include oboe. I'm afraid rock pieces are rather reptitive most of the time - this isn't a classical piece. Also I've written lyrics which would probably make it a little more interesting.
10 years ago

Rather poignant. Gets really repetitive, though. It says its for oboe, yet the first half of the piece is just the piano and the drums rambling on. Interesting theme, though.
10 years ago

I'd like the oboe part for this one as well. emo_guy_scott69@yahoo.com Thank you
10 years ago

That's really cool!
10 years ago

My friend, you have a made a Fan out of me for this One!
This is a MasterPiece! I would love to learn this!

Can i have a Copy?
10 years ago


Just like film music... Beautiful.
Thank you for your comment about The Black Light Theatre´s song "Menage á trois". Glad you like it.
If you like, check out the bands myspace- page.


Yours, Micki
10 years ago

/heyy really like it!! Can u give me (if u can) a part for an oboe???
11 years ago


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