Grigor Iliev : The Lonely Ballerina

Grigor Iliev : The Lonely Ballerina

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The Lonely Ballerina
Grigor Iliev
for Piano 

Thursday, August 16, 2007
 48 votes,   Average: 4.77   Plays: 23799

A modern classical piece.

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You are an amazing composer. I have listened to all of your pieces and loved them all. Please post some more if you could.
7 years ago

I really like this compostion. I immediatly pictured a ballerina on a dark stage, as have many other commentors. I love all your pieces. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to here more!
8 years ago

A true masterpiece
your incredible
8 years ago

A beautiful piece of music!
9 years ago

 Account Closed
Tchaikovsky inspired?

This piece is fun, and yet the minor overtones of the late romantic period show in this as well as maybe a little bit of dissonance reflecting the chaos of a loney ballerina dancing on an empty stage in the dark, with no audience. I felt sad for this dancer...I wanted to cry at times...she deserves more this sad lonely ballerina...

Bravo! Nice work!
9 years ago


9 years ago

 Account Closed
I loved it ! I immediately pictured a ballerina on a dark stage, dancing to this melancholy tune. A truly wonderful piece that creates wonderful imagery in the listener's mind.
9 years ago

Well I liked it. The title really suits the piece well because I can just imagine a ballerina on stage dancing by herself. I wish i was good enough to play it!
9 years ago

i hate it.sorry if i hurt you but better hering it now than frm ur friends later
9 years ago


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