Cody Thoreson : Smoke Signals To Holy War

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Smoke Signals To Holy War
Cody Thoreson
for Wind Ensemble 

Sunday, November 11, 2007
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The song is about the war between heaven and hell. The great deciding war to finally overthrow the balance between good and evil. The piece takes us from Earth, torn with wind and sin, to Hell itself, in the presence of the fallen angel, to the battle at the pearled gates, to the ethereal plains where civil war has erupted in heaven, down back to the surface of Earth where heaven and hell fight for survival, and the human race is eradicated in the process. The piece is arranged in 5 movements. 1. Evoking the Four Winds 2. In The Presence of the Fallen One 3. Storming the Pearled Gates 4. Cataclysm on the Ethereal Plains 5. Battlefield Earth and the Extinction of the Human Race

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Remember when I said I liked it, well how can you play two flute notes at the same time?
16 years ago

I like it
16 years ago

This piece is brillant. I love the use of imstrument solos in movements 3 and 4 to tie each movement together. It also has this feel about it that makes it tell the story, but in figurative language, as if the instruments are speaking to the listener. Have you ever thought of submitting this piece for a movie soundtrack? It would definately blow the audience away if you used it in say an action/fantasy movie. Just a thought. Absolutely love the piece. Keep on working on others like it. You could go far.
16 years ago

Marvelous! it was Awesome!
17 years ago

 Account Closed
!!! WOW !!! What a bold symphonic piece!!! I really enjoyed this one, and I sometimes found myself conducting along !!! Easily above and beyond five stars!!!
17 years ago

Bravissimo!!!! I could feel the excitement in the air. I was expecting a football game tune but instead I got a battle to the finish. If you hadn't had written in what you did at the end of the score I would have been a little dissapointed. Way 2 go!!!!!
17 years ago


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