Trad. : Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday by Trad.
for Clarinet 
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I'm sure somebody can play this better, but it's the best I could do!


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thats good for a beginner. I can't play even that :/
4 years ago

That was reallllly good!!
For a beginner!
But i do admit, it sounds cool!
6 years ago

That was really good. Dont listen to any one who says bad things about your playing because they shouldnt be listening if they dont like it. It takes real courage to post some thing like that so well done for both your playing and bravery.
7 years ago

I think that you did a very nice job with this piece. I also think that you shouldn't listen to certain people. Ahem, like the comment below!gather that your are still a beginner so you will get better as you keep practicing. Good Luck
9 years ago

So a middle school band director has a name of "bandiscool..." Yes, that seems very... adult like. Get real kid. And for the person doing the recording, playing the clarinet gets better with practice. When you tongue your notes, use the tip of your tongue, this should make it sound much softer and not as forced. And when you go into the upper register, just use lots of air and you should be fine. Practice transitioning from notes in the lower register to notes in the higher register. With practice, this will become very smooth and pretty. Practice makes perfect. Oh, and I might put up some recordings of the more difficult songs like "Prelude From Suite No. 1" in the near future, so look out for that. But that all depends if I get my mic fixed or not.
9 years ago

Nice job! Keep practicing (and don't listen to that other guy) and you'll get better and better! I'm a middle school band director, I should know :-)
9 years ago

you have to work on your articulation...A LOT!
10 years ago


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