Ludwig Van Beethoven : Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt)

Moonlight Sonata (1st mvt) by Ludwig Van Beethoven
for Piano 
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21 months ago

3 years ago

I love the feeling and emotion thats portrayed in this piece. You can't get that from composers who avoid sharps. Ugh, natural notes. Theres just alot of feeling in this song
6 years ago

Absolutely beautiful, many people don't know how much music courses through us musicians. Never stop, because it may affect our tomorrow.
6 years ago

wow!! Love this piece <3
Absolutely beautiful x
7 years ago

This song is the theme for That Guy With the Glasses lol. Great job at playing! WOW!!!!
7 years ago

Wow. Nice.
7 years ago

very nice
8 years ago

it is very nice
8 years ago

This song is just amazingly beautiful it's just wow there's no words to describe it. Like it changed my mood cause how calm it flows when being played it's just wonderful.
8 years ago

i love that song!!!
8 years ago

You play beautify with such emotion. You can tell that you really feel the piece, and you play the dynamics very accurately-smooth and flowing. You are a very talented pianist not just because you can play difficult pieces, but because you put such artistry into the songs that it leaves your audience speechless. BRAVO!!!
8 years ago

8 years ago

Wow Like the best well not the real best but 4.5 nice score man and great music

8 years ago

Good Job!!!
8 years ago

VERY nice job! Personally I thought your dynamics were perfect! When I get my acoustic piano this will be the first piece I learn (properly).

Thanks for sharing that beautiful song!

8 years ago

Bravo! You did a great job, such a beautiful piece. You have such a beautiful touch to the keys your song gave me the sense of riding a canoe down an open stream overcast by green trees and a slight drizzle coming down that's how powerful your playing was and I love the emphisise on the melody. Great job keep playing
9 years ago

Not a bad effort at all.

You had really good strength on the 5th finger and certainly carried the melody really well.

Personally i thought sections became far to loud but that comes down to personal interpretation. I play this piece quite a bit differently but it is subjective isn't it?

But overall it is definately a sterling effort.
Well Done

9 years ago

WOW!!!! Your playing is beautiful. How long have you been playing?
9 years ago

Beautifully played. You have a very good touch on the keys. Keep it up!
9 years ago


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