T. D. Erickson : Triple-Shot Macchiato Concert March - Inidividual parts

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Triple-Shot Macchiato Concert March - Inidividual parts
T. D. Erickson
for Wind Band 

Friday, July 4, 2008
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A "caffè macchiato" is traditionally a shot of espresso served in a demitasse with a teaspoon of milk added, and a tiny spot of foamed milk on top, just enough to leave it marked ('macchiato'). It can be used as an elegant alternative to adding sugar to espresso, muting the bite of the espresso without adding sweetness. On a sleepy morning you can just forget the elegance, set aside the little demitasse, and give me a full three shots of expresso, "marking" it however you please... make it a triple-shot macchiato; I need caffeine! The "Triple-Shot Macchiato Concert March" aims to capture the awakening surge of caffeine as it brightens the morning and stirs the soul. The jittery staccato of the clarinets is 'marked' with the smooth froth of the alto flutes and flügelhorn in this piece for full concert band.

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I use Finale Allegro.
14 years ago

Hi There
Can U tell me the name of the music programme U use for writing ur music?
14 years ago

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