JS Bach : Sonata 1034 -Adagio

JS Bach : Sonata 1034 -Adagio

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Sonata 1034 -Adagio by JS Bach
for Flute 
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First movement of the sonata with accompaniment of piano and cello. Tempo set rather slow (1/8 = 70) for late beginner to early intermediate students. One mp3 files only with the accompaniment instruments. One midi (with the 3 instruments) and a pdf with the score. I still have to work on it to add dynamics and breath marks.


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The mp3 file is accompaniment only. You put the flute, if you wish, as it is prepared for studying the piece, by playing along with the accompaniment.

After listening to it again after a long time, I think I would have to improve it and correct a few mistakes. But I am too busy now with real flute studies and have no time. If you have a Music Notation Editor, you can use the Midi File as a base and make a mp3 out of it, with all parameters set to your convenience.

The MIDI file is complete (Flute, Piano and Cello). I acknowledge it sounds awful, use it only as a guide.

However, the midi play feature of the page does not work, it opens Quicktime but there is no sound, at least in my PC.

Try downloading the MIDI file (big button for that) and then play the MIDI with a suitable application. I use the Windows Player embedded in WinXPH. Most players will do the job, including Quicktime under normal circumstances. Not when invoked by the WEB page, by some unknown reason.
8 years ago

These files were made with Finale, but any Music Notation Software will do the same.
The relative quality of the mp3is due to the installed sound card in my computer, which is a fairly standard one.

I could have refined the dynamics and other features to make it sound more real, but I had not the time, as I was pressed to practice it for a student concert.

The whole Sonata is a brilliant jewel by the old master, something that we can only admire.
8 years ago

wow that sounds great it is beautiful how did u get that
8 years ago

What a fabulous way to practice! I'm giving this to my flute friend, she is going to love it!
8 years ago

All files were made with Finale.
The mp3 quality depends on the quality of the sound card I have (a rather basic card), but the quality off the modi files depends on the quality of the sound card you use in your PC.

One of the files has the flute silenced, to be used as accompaniment for you, to play along.
8 years ago

On one of your songs you said it was midi, what program did you use? The instruments sound so real! By the way, I couldn't hear the flute on this song.
8 years ago

my favorite bach sonata!
8 years ago

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