Moffitt : short short cello

Moffitt : short short cello

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short short cello
for Cello 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
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Inspired by Schroeder

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im sure i wouldnt be able to play it that fast! very very nice piece. but i would much more enjoy for it to be slower so you can feel the notes more. at this fast you dont hear some of the notes as well and i think if you could it would be a much more charming piece. but bery very nice work!!
11 years ago

Very very nice i love this song

11 years ago

Very good piece you have here. It does remind me of Bach as well. This was a nice work for a learning class. As for being a Beginner piece, not as this tempo, but slower, it could be.
11 years ago

Very good beginner/intermediate piece for the cello.
11 years ago

nice work
12 years ago

A nice study for cello. Its well suited to learning, though I cant personally play at the tempo of the midi. Have you possibly thought of developing the piece more into a small binary piece or sonata. The constant progressions modulating by fifths reminds me of Bach.

12 years ago

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