Ben Crockett : Momentum

Ben Crockett : Momentum

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Ben Crockett
for Percussion Ensemble 

Monday, April 3, 2006
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This piece is an increasingly difficult piece that is hard to count, play, and understand at some points. Though this is true, once this piece can be mastered it is an enormously exceptional performance selection. Any staccatos signify ghost notes in this song.

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Didn't make much sense...It seemed to just wander from random lick/groove to the next lick/groove with out any real thought. A lot of the notation was confusing as well. What were the x noteheads in the snare music representing? Also, I'm not sure if your able to adjust everything in your music notation software but if possible, you may want to check into using a 16th note and a 16th note rest in some places as opposed to eighth notes ( like beat 3 and 4 of measure 2 on the snare line for would be much easier to read written as 4 16th notes 1 16th note rest and then 3 16th notes)and since most of the piece in 16th notes or higher it is my suggestion that you try to avoid barring more than 1 beat together.
13 years ago

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