oboedude888 : Dark Mind

oboedude888 : Dark Mind

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Dark Mind by oboedude888
for Oboe 
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A piece I was improvising easily, but I found it difficult to get down on Sibelius. This is the best way of showing what I feel like inside. Of course I'd have an oboe and piano involved! (They're my instruments...)

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this is a really good oboe song, can you please send me the score, my email is dinicoleh@aol.com
6 years ago

May I please have the score for this, I love the oboe, and am going to try to play it with my friend for our talent show. My email is ktswordfish@gmail.com
7 years ago

That was very nice
8 years ago

This is an Amazing piece. I was just wondering if you could email me the oboe part? oboe_of_course13@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!
9 years ago

Nice melody but why is it so choppy. Sustained longer lines would make it so much better.
9 years ago

wow that's pretty! i like it a lot !

9 years ago

I love this song! It's beautiful, and the Oboe is VERY well-played, as well!
Hoping you could e-mail me the Oboe sheet music for this, and also sheet music for Hope?

Thank you, thank you!
9 years ago

LOVED it <3

It's so loverly.
9 years ago

;o That was amazing <3 I loved it!
9 years ago

could you send me a copy to gnmoody@gmail.com? Thanks!
9 years ago

Could you send me a copy for clarinet to jako9b@yahoo.com?
10 years ago

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I too love the oboe, and next to the flute, oboe is my favorite instrument. I love this nice sweet progressing little piece. It really caught my ear! Wonderful! I loved it!!! Keep up the good work, and improvisation rules in my book!
10 years ago

That is SO pretty.... no pretty isn't the right word.... anywayz could you please please PLEASE send me the sheet music for it. I've been playing Oboe now for 3 years and although it's not that long i still want to learn the song and make other Oboists like yourself take me seriously.(I beat HIGHSCHOOL Oboists cause they don't think i'm any good.) And my friend plays panio; he would love it VERY much. well my e-mail is Oboebandgeek13@yahoo.com so thnx much if you send it and if you dont i understand that you dont think im ready. but i'll ask again when i am. you can count on that!
10 years ago



I hear a phat thumpy Bass,especialy in the pause's......Cool song {:}]:::* Be Blessed,Be very Blessed!
10 years ago

Bubba needs to chill a little bit. But it is a lovely song. The title doesn't seem appropriate, though. It seems more like isolation, or crying out in the darkness, expecting no one to hear you, yet attempting anyway. It sounds noble, and sad, yet hopeful. I applaud you. Bravo.
10 years ago

awesome song
10 years ago

Awesome! Sounded very Middle Eastern
10 years ago

I really like this peice! It has very interesting rythms. Also I think the title really fits the peice. Could you make me a version of the song for clarinet. I would like a Sibelius file, but if you can't do that i's okay.
10 years ago

That was absolutely lovely. I enjoyed it immensely. Great job!
11 years ago

This is an incredible piece! Something I can definitely listen to over and over again.

Kudos ten times!
11 years ago

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