Gabriel Faure : Berceuse Op. 16

Gabriel Faure : Berceuse Op. 16

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Berceuse Op. 16
Gabriel Faure
for Flute 

Monday, December 04, 2006
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This is a version for Flute and Piano. A very nice melody and a simple but beautiful piece for beginner to intermediate flute students.

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The mp3 file is made from the Music Notation Software I use. The flute plays down to low C, as shown on the pdf score you can download from this same place.

Please note that the instruments are synthesised and you cannot expect them to sound as natural as the actual instruments. This is more noticeable with the flute (and all wind instruments). The flute is not rendered as well as the piano is, IMO.

The quality of the sound of a midi file (in case you are listening to the midi and not the mp3) depends on your sound card and I have no control on it. If you are listening to the mp3 file, the quality of the sound depends on the sound card of my computer the moment I made the mp3 and I did the best I could.

I am trying to improve on the sound rendering and I plan to install another application that uses and plays the notes produced by actual instruments, put together by the application. But I have not much time and unfortunately I had to postpone its installation several times
11 years ago

I really like this piece, but is the flute meant to play that dynamic on the below staff C's?
11 years ago

Right. But for me they are also helpful in dealing with the 6/8, I still have some difficulties measuring this piece.
11 years ago

Hi Jose,
Hoping that you are having a good holidays.
These MIDI files are good for helping with intonation and tuning.
12 years ago


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