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aka Alice Adams
Member Since: 8 Nov 2009
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 3 points
Region : United States  
Instruments Played:
Tenor Saxophone
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About Me
I`m a Freshmen at Georgetown High School. I play the Tenor Sax in the Marching band. I`ve been playing sax for 4 years. The first two years I played, I played Alto. Then, when my friend--the only Tenor at my middle school at the time--graduated to high school, I took his place, and I`ve been a tenor ever since. Band used to be the highlight of my day, but now, our directors have ruined it for me. They are tyrants. We make jokes of the head director eating your soul as you sign up.

I`ve also taught myself piano. I can only play with one hand at a time, and I don`t practice often, but I find it calming.

I`d like to learn guitar before I graduate.

I`m also the Platoon Commander of my Platoon in the Junior Navy. I take great pride in my work there. My platoon is my family. A very dysfunctional family, but family none-the-less.

My grandfather is the president of M.E.A.T.heads. Please check out his groups at yahoo, google, and myspace. sandwichshopmeatheads
Hiking, camping, fishing, writing, reading, listening to music(classical, metal, country), babysitting(yes it`s a hobby), Navy oriented stuffs, paintball,

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