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aka Katelyn Brower
Member Since: 24 Jun 2008
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 22 points
Region : United States  
About Me
A big flute geek. I am wierd(i guess you can put it that way). I have four brothers and zero, zilch, nada, sisters. I love music. If you would ask me my favorite instrument; I';;d say the Flute Family. I look on the internet for different Flute pictures. I don';;t have them all yet. I am still learning, but then again I don';;t think you stop learning with an instrument.
I am very fortunate that my parents support me in my talents. I can play French horn, Baritone, Clarinet, piano, harmonica, piccolo, and last but not least flute. My teacher and I are writing a piece of music for my school and we hope we';;ll have it done by this winter.
The name Flute Freak came from my love for flutes and 87 is my favorite number. Oh by the way do not relate it to nascar, I hate that sport. I am not your usual girl. I rather do the strenuous work myself. I don';t really want someone who will tell me that I need help. I guess that';s why boys are scared of me.
I like all flutes and I want to play them all. There are several different types and I would like them all. Piccolo(sapranino flute), treble Flute, western concert flute(aka flute), Flute d`amour(tenor flute), alto flute, bass flute, contra-alto flute, contrabass flute, subcontrabass flute, double contrabass flute, and Hyperbass Flute. I have a western concert flute, and piccolo.
I am also a Darkwing Duck fan. He is my favorite superhero even though he doesn`;t have super powers. He solves all his cases by Clues and high tech gimmics.(And accidents)

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