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aka Rebecca
Member Since: 27 Apr 2009
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 110 points
Region : United States  
About Me
I`m the new section leader of the middle voice section in the band. It`s sooo much better than just being the mellophones...A. because my other mello WOULD NOT listen or play or anything...B. She quit so it`d be just me and that aint no fun is it?? Heart break is the hardest thing you will ever go through. It sucks major...butt? It cripples you till you just want to die...
I`m thinking about joining DCI next year. I want to join either: The Blue Devils, The BlueCoats, The Boston Crusaders, Glassman, or The Phantom Regiment. The only thing is...getting my parents on board :( They dont want me to do it but I`ve been looking for support from my peers and band director to convince them.

I`m a HUGE band geek!!! I play the French Horn(the awsomest instrument in the world!!!) at a small-town school called "Clay City". (*~NOTE~*: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT TRY TO EAT A BUNCH OF JUNK FOOD BEFORE MARCHING BAND PRATICES TO TRY TO GET SICK SO THAT YOU WON`T HAVE TO PRACTICE!!! Believe me, it doesn`t work!!!) I laugh A LOT!!!
I also play mellophone when I`m in marching band and pep band, I can play trumpet, piano, a tiny bit of guitar, and percussion when I`m in Winter percussion...or when I`m just screwing around in the band room! I`ve recently became a member of Winter`s ALOT harder than it looks!!! I also sing and act in my community theater. I sing soprano and alto. I love singing and playing harmony!!! It`s the meat of the musical sandwhich. :)
I like Broadway music the most, but I do like country, rock, and some pop music. My favorite musical is Wicked!!!(Defying Gravity is sooo totally the story of my life!)
IF you have ANY questions about me, message me or post something on my profile and I`ll be happy to get back with you!!! =]

~10 Obscure Facts About Me!~
*I`m only 5`3" =,[ I`m one of the shortest kids in my whole grade!
*I`m a Christian! Jesus Rocks!
*I can play EXPERT on Guitar Hero! \m/, ,\m/ OH YAH! LOL
*In 7th grade I figured out the pattern to transposing ALL instruments and musical theory! I wasn`t even in band for a WHOLE year by then! LOL
*I`m blonde haired and blued eyed
*I`m awesome at speaking Spanish! I`m going to major as a Spanish teacher at the best college ever...PURDUE!!! Go Boilers!!!
*I show cows in 4-H COWS=POWER!!!
*I`m secretly a ninja! Hiyah!
*I can play two mellophones at once! REALLY REALLY hard to do!
*I want to be friends with EVERYONE!!! Awww! =]
Music, playing music, band
Computer Graphics Designing
Perry the Platapus from
Watching the TV show "GLEE" *~Go Mr. Shoe!!!~*
The AMAZING movie Dispicable Me!!!!!!!

BlueCoats 2010 Metropolis
I saw this band in the middle of July...the most amazing thing ever!!!!

The Cell Block Tango
For my 16th bidthday, my mom got me the movie "Chicago"...I love it!!! This song is AWESOME!!!

Star Wars (John Williams is the Man) a capella
This video is sooo hilarious!!! I found myself at random singing and humming this song!!! Hahaha!!!

Singing In The Rain "Make 'Em Laugh!"
I love the movie "Singing In The Rain"!! Gene Kelley is SOOO amazing! Donald O'Conner is so entertaining to watch, especially in this song! Debbie Reynolds...I absolutly LOVE Debbie Reynolds!! I watched the extra features on the DVD and it said this was her FIRST movie ever!!! WOW!!!

For Good by Kristin Chenoweth
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WICKED!!! It is honestly the best thing I have ever seen...and I've seen A LOT! LOL =]

Rhapsody In Blue

Fantasia 2000 "Firebird"

El Tango De Roxanne
I love the movie The Moulin Rouge!!! It's sooo funny...and sooo sad at the same time.

The Phantom Of The Opera

CATS was the very fisrt show I ever went to see live and it inspired me to take on music and drama! Elaine Paige is one of my all time favorite actresses!!! This song holds a special place in my describes how I felt when I was in the dark and I thought no one was there to help me find my my or to even just to turn the light on for me. But, there was biggest BFF in the whole wide world was there every step of the way with me, Saiti!!! I love you Saiti!!! I am truely blessed to have you and call you my friend!!! =]

Peyton Manning on SNL!!!
Peyton Manning is my favorite football player of all time! And of course, he plays for my favorite team...the Indianapolis Colts!!!

Popular all probably think I'm obsessed with Wicked! But Oh well!!! I love it!!! Popular is like a life story about the relationship between my sister and I. She would be "Glinda" and I would be "Elphaba"! She's always trying to dress me up and wanting to give me make-overs!!! LOL

Can I Have Your Number?

I Am Your Mother!!!

I LOVE Wicked sooo much!!! I've never seen it, but in like two weeks I'm going to see it for my birthday!!! YAY!!!

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