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aka Emily Windes
Member Since: 23 May 2008
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 10 points
Region : United States  
About Me
I love to play french horn though i'm not very good at it yet. i've only been playing for three years but i am looking to get better and would like any tips or advise especially on double tonguing, articulation and tone quality.

I also play piano but just for fun. i took lessons for about five years but have now quit but it's still fun to be able to play it.

Science, music, math, books, chess, aardvarks, the environment, fantastical quests to save the world, vast scapes of land or water stretching out forever and ever, time, light, black holes, worm holes, white holes, corduroy pants, frock coats, vampires, the past, dimensions, water, extraterrestrial life, fish, crystals, magic, glass, waves, people, bouncy balls, wishes, dreams, reality, fur, brick walls, trees, wind, fire, ice, swords, blood, hearts, minds, paper, language, writing, Egypt, Rome, Greece, ancient times, locks, keys, boxes, quantum entanglement, pens, poems, crystals, teleportation, scales, fish, snakes, dogs, la packas, cups, my brain, distant places, strange names, foreign accents, strange and forgotten languages, the evolution of writing, windows, tight pants, flash drives, ancient things, futuristic things, hair, the seemingly non-existent and inexplainable, and many many more things, i am interested in everything.

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