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Member Since: 14 Nov 2006
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 70 points
Region : Norway  
Movie and game music for piano. Classical too.

I have FF-sheets, Zelda-sheets, The Incredible Hulk - The Lonely Man (the one Peter Griffin plays in the Family Guy episode Wasted Talent), themes from movies and series such as Schindler`s List, American Beauty, Pirates of the Caribbean, Twin Peaks ++
On this thread you can find a complete list of all my sheets.

I`ll be happy to share them all for free :)

*edit* I`m currently studying (pure mathematics) and it`s like _lots_ to do, so you might not recieve a reply to your request at once.

*edit2* 26/3/08 - At the moment, I`m taking a semester in Asia, and being a lazy european ... well, let`s just say I`m not used to working over 80 hours a week. Anyhow, it might take even longer to recieve your sheets. But don`t worry, I`ll send them when I have some spare time :)

*edit3* 25/9/08 - Now I'm back in Norway, and thus once again have spare time.

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