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aka Russell
Member Since: 11 Aug 2008
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Region : United States  
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About Me
I`m young and and I am a hard working student/marcher. I`ve been at the Flute for five years now, going on six in two years.I`ve had wonderful teachers teach me how to play. Thank you to all of them. I love to look for new music to play. hopefully the more I find the harder they get. Remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!!!!
I also love my Final Fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy 7. Go Sephiroth. Go Forth And Conquer. At least that's what I say :)
My interests include Flutes, flute sheet music, Flute players, marching bands (My home towns marching band), and getting better on my Flute! In other words my main interest is The Flute, because Flutes (and Flute players all around the world) ROCK!!!! *-* :O :)(:

Marching Band Is for winners. Not Football players. When they have marched out on the field in rain and 100 degree heat with judges that are neat freaks and are also perfectionists (I think they are) that write down every single problem in the most rudest meanest way they can possibly do it, then they can be winners. Band members are a big family that support each other. And if one messes up, we all mess up. So when we fall, we all get back up, TOGETHER! Hoo-ra band members!!!! March with PRIDE!!!!

-From a Flute player with pride.....Go Flutes!!!

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