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aka Nicolas Gunn
Member Since: 15 Jan 2012
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 4 points
Region : Canada 
Instruments Played:
Tenor Saxophone
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About Me
My name is Nicolas. I am eleven years old. I started violin when I was three. It all began at a gymnastics centre in California when I was three years old. My mom was always the one to bring my two older sisters to their gymnastics classes. There was only one small complication. My dad was hard at work when my sisters were having gymnastics lessons, so mom would always have to drag me along to the gymnastics center every week, even though I didn`t take gymnastics lessons. One particular day, when I was three and we had a new-born in the house, my mom spotted an ad on the bulletin bord. The ad had to do with violin lessons! Even better, mom could take me to violin lessons during the time in which my sisters were doing gymnastics! Well, my mom really hated sitting with me for the whole hour and a half of doom, so she signed me up for violin lessons. I didn`t even know what a violin was! But I was really happy to have something to do while my sisters were in gymnastics. When I was seven, my family ended up moving. I was too young to understand that I might not see my friends for for another two or three years. When our family arrived in our new town, my mom found an awesome Suzuki violin teacher which we settled with. Then, I became reluctant to practice violin. I was too lazy even to get up and do even a page of homework. That lasted for two long, miserable years, which occupied grades three and four. After that, once I got into grade five I realized that I didn`t have to be such a jerk! So, I brought my violin to school every day and practiced! Since I`ve realized some of the amazing things I could do with my musical ability, I`ve been totally obsessed with music! I`m in sixth grade now and life can get so fun when I just bring my violin out :)
Well, first of all, If you`ve read the "About Me" thing, you will know that LOVE music! I often like to go on You Tube and search up really cool instruments such as the contrabass saxophone or the sopranino clarinet.

I also really enjoy the "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul" series.

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