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Member Since: 3 Feb 2008
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 165 points
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About Me
Instruments: violin 6 yrs, harp 4 yrs, 1 year piano and now learning bass guitar

I also want to say that those two recordings of me on the harp especially greensleeves are really old songs I recorded just for fun and I am a bit more advance now and would love to post more songs but don`t have the right software anymore so I obviously can`t post more songs.

My Motto is: It takes the simplest things to make the hardest things easier!!


I offer sheet music for harp, violin, piano and more at with email or send it through my messages if your not comfortable placing it publicly.

Dawn of a new century - SECRET GARDEN AWESOME!!!!!!
My favorite music!!!!

Snuggle Bunny - Cutie

Josh Groban - Remember When it Rained

Yiruma - River Flows in You
One of my favorite songs to play on piano!!!!!

Deborah Henson-Conant and Jonathan Wyner "That Ain't Right"
Awesome harpist

Vanessa Mae - Reflection
Really Nice....

Harp Aqua
I had to delete the other one cause it won't play anymore but I got anoter one enjoy!

Very cute!

Josh Groban-Don't Give Up
I'm sorry but I had to put a Josh Groban song on here

Walking in the Air-Chloe
Her and Meav are my favorite

Storm Rock
I like Vanessa mae's version better but this is pretty cool

Carolan's Dream
I'm learning this song right now its a lot of fun to play!

Van halen on violin

Fantasie for Celtic Harp
A lovely celtic harp piece, I hope to learn it once I get more advance on harp. The harpist is Sarah Deere-Jones. Enjoy!!!!!

Secret Garden- Noctune
A really haunting melody.......

Amazing violin guy
Try doing this on your violin

Vanessa Mae - Toccata & Fugue
Vanessa Mae one of the most talented violinst alive

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