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Could you please send me the music sheet for this In the end version? I'm looking for it everywhere!
Delete | 8 years ago

I hope its not too much of a hassel but is it ok if you send me the piano sheet music for "in the end"?

I would sincerely appreciate it!

Delete | 8 years ago

Hi there, I've noticed that you've gotten tons of posts asking if you could e-mail In The End to someone. Well, I hope this isn't too much trouble for you, haha but i was just wondering if you could send the music to ME as well?
Delete | 8 years ago

Hey! You posted the song ''In The End'' by linking park a while ago and that's exactly the version I'm looking for.
Can you send it to me, please? I would really appreciate that.
Thank you!

Just reeply to tell me if you will send it, and I'll give you my email address.
Delete | 8 years ago

Hey could please send me the sheet music for In The End?

My e-mail is

Thank You!
Delete | 9 years ago

hello :D hey can you help me finding the music " The Artifact and living " of donnie darko for piano pleaseee ! i cant find it :S if you find it PLEASE send it to
Delete | 9 years ago


Hey sesinka,
how are you? ( I'm from Germany so my english isn't very good)^^
i play the piano too, but i like the rock and modern music so it's difficult to find good songs...
i would thank you sooooooo much if you could send me the sheet on my mail:

please send me the sheets... ^^

bye gReeZ FInn

Delete | 9 years ago

Hi! Can you send me the piano sheet "in the end" to thanks
Delete | 9 years ago

i feel the same way about music. but i am more of a song and singer.
Delete | 9 years ago

hi wats up??!!can u send me the sheet music of "in the end" pls pls pls this is my email id
Delete | 10 years ago

can u send me the sheet music also please?
my email is
Delete | 10 years ago

FYI...if you listen close you can tell that this has multiple recordings on it...she doens't have 3's cool though...
Delete | 10 years ago

can u please send me the sheets with this beautiful music:
Delete | 10 years ago

i forgot 2 mention my email is
Delete | 10 years ago

please PLEASE SEND ME THIS SONGS SHEET MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delete | 10 years ago

Delete | 10 years ago

Could you please, please, please, send me the In The End sheet music. You play it sooooooooooo beautifully! My email is
Delete | 10 years ago

wow...that was beautiful
do you have the sheet music for it? do you think you could send it to me?
please and thank yous
Delete | 10 years ago

hey that was really good...can u send me the sheet music???

Delete | 10 years ago

i just lissened to "in the end" can u send me the sheets please!!!

u play so amazing love it !!!!!

thankx :D
Delete | 10 years ago

Damn dat was good!! if u can, i would appreciate it if u can send me the sheet music. email -
thanks a lot
Delete | 10 years ago

Hey, I just listened to "In The End". It was hot <3 Do you have the music sheet of it? If you do, can you email it to me? My email is:

Delete | 10 years ago

in the end was need to email that music sheet to me. it be great if u can.
Delete | 10 years ago

YO! Your instrumental edition of In The End is AWESOME! I JUST LOVE IT!!
I would be extremely grateful if you could send me the song at
Delete | 10 years ago

hey girl...opps...i gave you the wrong's
so could you please send me the sheet music to that!! are great and i look up to you alot....even tho i don't know you...just listening to this like wow!!!
Delete | 10 years ago

Incredible job on the song...really enjoyed listening to it, just as much as the song by linkin park themselves...undoubtedly you get alot of requests for the sheet music and i wonder if you can send me it as well
[] thanks a bunch, ive been trying to learn this song since it first came out.
Delete | 10 years ago

can u plz send me a sheet please because im performing for high school and they want me to play the piano. So...... can you send me a copy of in the end. My new high school is looking forward for the song. E-mail me at

Thank you very much =)
Delete | 10 years ago

I think that ur In The End was awsome!
I could listen to it for ages and not get bored one bit
I've been looking for this sheet music since In The End first came out and it seems like you've got 1.
Could you PLEASE email it to me, that would be soo cool :D

Keep up the good work
Delete | 10 years ago

hi.... that was so good.....and i was wondering if you could send me the sheet music 4 that 2...if it is not to much email is!....i have been playing the piano sence i was 3!
...and you r the best i have ever heard!
Delete | 10 years ago

hello would it be possible for you to send the In The End sheet music to me? i know how many requests you get for it... but you play it so beautifully

email -
Delete | 10 years ago

Hi. You are a very talented piano player. I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan and have been trying to find the sheet music for piano for so long. I'm sure you've had hundreds of requests but could you please send me the sheet music for In The End? I would be so grateful if you could.

Thanks so much!!!
Delete | 10 years ago


I am a HUGE fan of Linkin Park's instrumental pieces. I would very much so love to learn to play one of their songs. I noticed you might have sheet music 'for in the end' for piano?

Please! could you send me the sheet music? my email is

thank you so much, thanks for your time!
Delete | 10 years ago

i would say omfg repeatedly but that would be an underexxageration, that was flipping amazing ,i swear to god, do you think i could get the sheet music if you have it, but its up to you if you dont want to of course.... thanks anyway , hearing it was good enough but the sheet music would be brillopads
Delete | 11 years ago

I have listened to it numerous times aleady, and could listen over and over. Well done!

if you are distributing, please email to it to me...

Delete | 11 years ago

I must say this is by far the best 'In The End' remake i have heard yet. Being a LP fan myself i loved it all the more. One thing only my friends know about me, im on dial up, and might i say it was worth the hour and a half load time!

However if your sending copies out...

Thanks in advance =D and awsome job =)
Delete | 11 years ago

I love this song and you did a phenomenal job!!! Bravo!!!

Delete | 11 years ago

Thanks for the piece.
By the way, you are just drop-dead gorgeous!
Delete | 11 years ago

I really need in the end from you... great job on it i like it alot. please email me it at
Delete | 11 years ago

in the end is....fantastic, more than that, i can't discribe it! o please would it be possible to send it to me?!? my e-mail:
Delete | 11 years ago

hey just wanted to say i just heard LINKIN PARK IN THE END and that is amazing... i am DYING to learn it, could u send me the music piano notes? possibly to my email? My email address is

thanks alot xxx
Delete | 11 years ago

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