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Member Since: 20 Sep 2007
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 21 points
Date of birth : 25 May 1995
Age : 22 yrs
Region : United States  
About Me
Hi! I`m Firestar! My nickname is based on the main character of many of the Warrior Cat books (which are great books, trust me), but that`s not important right now. The main thing you should know is that at some time in my life I have played played clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax, and bari sax. I like jazz, marches, and music from movies (especially from Star Wars and Harry Potter). My friend is making a band, and I`m probably going to play bari sax in it. I will update this page when I get more news on the band (such as the name), and I may (possibly) put recordings of us playing songs on this profile page.

Please visit my website, If you like the Warrior Cat books, you might want to check out the Sunclan page, and if you're a gamer, take a look at the MC (my gaming clan) page!

I am trying to wright the song "Kokomo" (by the Beach Boys) for my band (which contains a bari sax, an alto sax, a piano, percussion, two trumpets, and possibly a bass guitar and a tenor sax). If you have the music for this song, or have tips for wrighting it, please tell me!

I won't put my real name on the website because I'm paranoid about child predators (a good thing to be worried about these days).

None of the videos on my profile are mine!

I like playing sax, swimming, playing Halo and Republic Commando (two great first-person shooter games, if you didn't already know), watching tv and movies, and hanging out with my friends.

Imperial March
A symphony orchestra playing Darth Vader's theme.

Cantina Band
Some guys playing Cantina Band from Star Wars.

yakety baritone sax
Yay! A bari sax!

Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme
Really funny (at least to me)! Not my shrimp!

Cantina Sax Band
Includes a soprano sax solo-played by Darth Vader!

Double-Time Super Mario Bros. on the Tuba...
This guy is really playing fast and really high-on a tuba.

Super Mario Bros. Medley
These guys are really good, especialy the bari sax player!

The Contrabass Sax
If you think you've seen a big instrument, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Halo Corpomix
These guys are great at playing the Halo theme!

Super Mario Brothers Theme Clarinet Quartet
This video is so cool!

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