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Member Since: 1 Oct 2012
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About Me
My Music Life:
I joined this site because I am wanting to start a band and need music to play. Knowing myself (I hope I do) I will probably not get around to acctually starting the band for anoth few years but hey, I`m still in high school, I have forever in front of me and nothing behind.
I can play Recorder, Clarinet, Piano, Ocarina and Guitar but I have only ever played clarinet and piano at performances.
I play Clarinet in my school band and am hoping to join a band that travels the world at the end of the year.
Myn Life
I am in year 7 and I`m not upset about most things but bullying really gets me down. I don`t like it when people hate me but I have heaps of friends. I consider myself easy to get along with but I`m a terrible homework partner as I never get anything done. I leave all big assignments to the last minuet and end up craming before exsams. I can`t believe I got into a selective school.
I have been labled as a nerd, dork, weirdo and loner but I`m cool with that. My friends accept me for who I am and anyone who thinks I`m stupid can go screw themselves.
I am not really religeous but I practice white magick and I am a Wicca. I am friends with a really desperately Christian person and I hate people who shove their religion down your throat(my friend doesn`t).
Have fun in life, don`t smoke and believe in LLAMAS

Horse Riding
Computer Games
Playing Clarinet, Recorder, Piano and Singing
Going Bush Walking
Watching TV
Quoting Dorky TV Shows
Asking people "Doctor Who?"
Listening to any music that doesn`t invole crazy screaming girls
Telling my brother that he should shave his head
Reading peoples profiles and laughing at funny stuff they put on there
Asking people how do you spell llama?

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