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Member Since: 24 Oct 2006
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I write music for a hobby. The end product is rarely one I expect to be performed; I just like to explore musical ideas. I also enjoy performing classic country songs and renditions of popular contemporary music on acoustic guitar.
alternative rock, ancient history, arts, astrology, astronomy, atheism, audio equipment, bizarre things, oddities, chaos, complexity, classic rock, coffee, counterculture, country music, cyberculture, mixing, dance music, drugs, drum'n'bass, electronica, IDM, entertaining, evolution, filmmaking, foreign films, forums, futurism, guitar, heavy metal, hedonism, hip hop, house music, humanitarianism, humanities, independent film, indie rock, indie pop, industrial music, instant messaging, internet, karaoke, linguistics, live theatre, logic, magic, illusions, mathematics, movies, music, music composition, music instruments, music theory, nightlife, performing arts, physics, pop music, psychology, puzzles, quizzes, rave culture, reggae, restaurants, rock music, roleplaying games, satire, science, technology, songwriting, space exploration, StumbleUpon, subculture, substance abuse, tattoos, triphop, downtempo, UFO's

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