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aka Hunny
Member Since: 13 Jul 2008
Status:   Registered Member
Points: 17 points
Region : United States  
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About Me
Uhh hi! Name's Haley. But ya can just call me Hunny! (just a nickname I got from some of my crazy friends. They got it from a manga: Ouran High School Host Club. Anyway, I've warmed up to it!~) Well, I've been playing piano for more than 8 years now, and I just started guitar in March of 2008. I'm not very good, but my bestest buddy told me about someone, so now he's my teacher! So it's all good with guitar! My piano teacher retired last year, and now I'm out of a piano teacher. So I've just been sorta winging it on my own. I've found music that I love to play, and I'm fairly content with where I am.
My bestest buddy recently posted a video of me singing on this website (it's on youtube, too~), and I've gotten some nice comments! But you can NEVER have enough comments, so I hope to get even more! I'm not very confident in my voice, personally, just because no one's ever heard me sing until very I hope to receive critique!
Uh, just to add random things about myself, I love animals! And I have two adorable doggies! In the future I hope to find a career involving animals. Just felt like giving a little insight on my life. (Aha...)
AND THANK GEEBUS THE RANDOM SEMI COLONS ARE GONE! Looks like I can go back to using semi-proper English...(aha) >.<
Oh, if you feel like watching my video (my buddy William is the one who actually made it and put it on youtube, but my bestest buddy put it on this site) it's on oboclar's profile! So I guess ya can just click on oboclar in my little friend list thingy, and you'll be able to find it from there!~ Thankies in advance!~
Uhhhh...let`s see...

I like all kinds of animals...

And I like some manga...

And some anime...

I LOVE Studio Ghibli movies...

I like pretty much every kind of music except rap...(EXCEPT for Flobots. Love `em!~)

I love my instruments and I treat them like they were my own children (does that sound weird? aha..I LIVE for weird!)


And that`s about it! If I think of anything else I`ll be sure to put it up!~:)

Oh and check out my buddy oboclar`s profile!

Gravity (Maaya Sakamoto) Cover
Me singing a song from "Wolf's Rain". This is "Gravity", the ending theme. I know it sucks in more ways than one, but pleeease don't leave haters :'( They hurt my feelings :'(

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