8notes.com Points System

You can gain points as an 8notes.com member in a number of ways:

  • 50 points for subscribing
  • 8 points for adding an mp3, midi or score to the members section
  • 4 points for each comment on a piece of music on the members section of the site
  • 4 points for each comment on a piece of music on the main section of the site
  • 1 point for each comment on another members' profile
  • 1 point for comment in the forum
Points are a useful guide to the amount a member has contributed to the site. They contain no intrinsic monetary value.

Top members

  marimoon 18751 points
  marafon 8235 points
  drakoner 6765 points
  Account Closed 3248 points
  stephenlines 2476 points
  ChiPolisoto 2369 points
  jose_luis 2369 points
  GustavoLafferty 2300 points
  LeandroPrimeaux 2298 points
  DelmerScarpino 2257 points
  SonAmistoso 2257 points
  MarkusGoss 2255 points
  ReyWeitzner 2236 points
  LewisRuffell 2234 points
  SidneyRidling 2221 points
  RonDubreuil 2221 points
  ShonSeright 2212 points
  BernardClonts 2202 points
  KellyChanthaumlsa 2141 points
  TheronGrimmius 2108 points

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