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Member Since: 20 Apr 2008
Status:   Registered Member
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Region : United States  
About Me
Hi, I`m rockinprincess. You can just call me rocky in comments or forums. I am from Dominican Republic and the U.S. I was born in Manhattan, New York but my whole entire family is from Dominican Republic and so am I. I basically came to this website to interact with people that are good with music. I want to learn more about the background of music. I`m interested in some instruments. I`m only 11 but I am good at singing and the guitar. I was basically forced to play the recorder in 4th grade and 5th grade. I always loved singing. I once competed in a Christian activity for kids. I did really good. I sang in my church ever since i was a little kid. But now I am actually a member in church. I sing in the stage and i even played the guitar. I am in my school choir right now. I was also trying to learn guitar since I was 5 but I never really got concentrated enough. Luckily, I know guitar now. I want to learn piano also once I get to 7th grade. I love giving advice to people. But only ask me stuff about singing and guitar. But I`m only in the 6th grade so don`t throw random stuff at me. I hope that I can become one of the best musicians in the world.I`ll add more later on. But this is all I have for now. Bye!
The Bible, God, church, singing, guitar, and learning more and more everyday!

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