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Member Since: 1 Aug 2008
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Region : United States  
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About Me
Hmmm. What to say about myself?

I am a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in music performance and I am taking a year off from school to raise money for a master's degree. I currently have a job at a music store and I am teaching lessons (great on an application, by the way) while searching for grad programs with outstanding teachers. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

I enjoy all kinds of music, although I have been really into jazz recently (the Bolling 'Suite for flute and piano' is so much fun!)

I love playing flute (obviously) but I would love to learn other instruments. I have rudimentary knowledge of the clarinet, sax, oboe, and trumpet but I wouldn't claim any real capability. I've always wanted to play a stringed instrument; perhaps the cello (although that may be too big for my small stature). I can also play the piano, but I am not proficient by any means. I do play the piccolo and the alto flute, though I don't particularly enjoy playing piccolo.

I also play Chinese Dizi (bamboo) flutes, though not as much as I would like to now. I used to play for a small community Chinese orchestra but I couldn't keep with it when I started teaching lessons. Also, translating the music was a little difficult since I don't speak or read Chinese. If you've never seen music written that way, you should really give it a look. It's very interesting!

I also play native american flutes, though I'm not very good at it yet. I really like the double barreled flutes. They are so pretty and they sound beautiful!
Music! Listening to music, playing music, analyzing music... the list goes on.
I also enjoy reading, learning new things, swimming, cooking, playing with animals and... well this could take forever, so I'll just stop here.
My family and friends are also important to me. And so is my flute!

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