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aka Christina Paulo
Member Since: 5 Aug 2008
Status:   Registered Member
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Region : United States  
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About Me
Hey! Whats Up.....

I play Alto Saxophone, Clarinet and some guitar. I am about 1 year into Saxophone, 3 years into Clarinet, and 1/2 year into Guitar. Let Me know if you have any Jazz Songs for ALTO Saxophone and E-mail it to me at or If you have a facebook lemme know. Just look up Christina Jean Paulo in the search box and the first one is mine! (the picture is the same as my profile picture on here) I gotta IM too. xoChristinaPxo

IM me sometime. I am really awsome and so is powerrangers.(yes, i mean it the HOTTOPIC wayy)
Send a Request! BTW. I have try outs for Jazz Band coming up soon in September. I REALLLY need some Flashy Jazz Song to impress my teacher so I can get in. I really want to get in on the Alto Saxophone this year. I made it in Clarinet last year. It's really boring cuz you get background parts. And NOOOOOO Solos. SO PLEASE HELP ME! I'll send you a virtual cookie:)

I am soooo obsessed with my school's jazz band. It's probley the best thing ever. We have the greatest teacher named mrs. ricci. Soooooooo many friends from there. If I name them all you'll be here all day:)

I AM BRAND NEW AT ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!!! If you have some good ways to start up let me know. Because I wanna get sooo good that I can get into Jazz band on a HOPEFULL Electric Guitar. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

But anyway. Contact me sometime so we can "chat" See You around sometime:-)

Someone hacked my old account so this is the new one. If anyone gets any threats from AltoFishy(hacked account) report them!!

Soon to be taken. Sorry Guys....
YouTube- PacoTaco695
Facebook- Christina Jean Paulo
AIM- xoChristinaPxo
Johnney Depp
Pirates of the Caribean

Godfather Love Theme

Pirates of the Caribean Orcatra
This has nothing to do with me. I surf you-tube and find these videos. This sounds like it came straight outta the movie but it didn't. THAT'S HOW GOOD THEY ARE!!! It's really funny because you see the whole left side of violens do the same thing at once and it's like their possesed!!!

Pirates of the Caribean Main Theme
THIS GUY DID IT ALL BY EAR!!! If any of you have it for Alto Saxophone you would be a BIGGG help to me on my Jazz Band Auditions. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE IT AND I WILL RESPOND BACK!!!

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